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The Real History of Earth

The Real History of Earth
Rachele, Sal

Welcome to the Real History of the Earth. You will not find this material in your high school or college history classes. In fact, the so-called “powers that be” who appear to control the educational process on this planet definitely DO NOT want you to have this information.

It is said that knowledge is power. The purpose of this book is to empower you to live an awakened life, full of creativity and compassion. Knowing how and why things are the way they are on Earth gives each of us the power to make effective changes, both within ourselves and the world.

If you are a physicist, biologist, archaeologist, anthropologist or economist, this material will likely challenge your deepest and most cherished ideas of reality. Due to the world of the Internet, the ideas presented herein can be researched and investigated thoroughly, and the author encourages you to do so.
This book explores several deep questions that have plagued humanity since time began, including such timeless classics as “Why is there so much suffering on Earth?” and “How do we break out of our self-imposed prison of negative thoughts and beliefs?”

We will also answer the question of how we came to be on this small planet at the edge of a rather average galaxy, with our racial and ethnic mix, languages and cultural habits. Also, we will tread on some “sacred cows,” including the belief that humanity evolved from the ape, and the idea that this is the most advanced civilization that has existed on Earth (both incorrect assumptions). We urge you to keep an open mind while reading this book. Do not blindly accept or reject anything that is being said. Unless a mind is open, there is no way to attain greater knowledge and wisdom. Have you ever tried pouring liquid into a closed container? So, dear readers, fasten your seat belt and open the book for a wonderful ride!

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