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Prelude to Ascension

Prelude to Ascension
McClure, Janet

Tools for Transformation

Light Technology Publishing proudly presents the previously unpublished (except as transcriptions sold by the Tibetan Foundation) work of Janet McClure. Ranging from her channeling of the Tibetan through the final epochal new material delivered before she left her body, this information is of immense value and timeliness.

Vywamus through Janet McClure and Lillian Harben of the worldwide Tibetan Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona, focused on these three points:

  1. New information to help us understand the new reality and our expanded potential
  2. Clearing techniques to release false belief systems to allow the soul more room to begin to function in the third dimension
  3. Channeling techniques—the process and practice of channeling, which allows a deeper connection to the channeler’s soul/god-self, thus is an extremely powerful tool for personal transformation and for helping others

This wide-ranging material is presented in eighty-four chapters in the following nine parts:

  • Your Four Bodies—Djwhal Khul
  • The Tibetan Lesson Series—Djwhal Khul
  • The Twelve Rays—Djwhal Khul
  • Energy and Light—Djwhal Khul
  • Intregative Techniques—Atlanto
  • The Evolutionary Process—Vywamus
  • Tools of Transformation—Vywamus
  • You In the New Age—Vywamus
  • Cocreator University—Vywamus
6 x 9
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The book consists of various


The book consists of various articles by Vywamus, DK and others. Articles are generally of a few pages long and thus easy to read and refer to later on. An excellent reference book by Janet McClure.

This is a huge volume of comprehensive spiritual material


This is a huge volume of comprehensive spiritual material that I never found elsewhere. A must!

I am so happy that this material existed.


Fantastic, clear and loving book given to us from above so we may wake up to the call for awakening and uniting with our true heritage. I am so happy that this material existed.