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Merging Dimensions

Merging Dimensions
Dongo, Tom

In a secluded valley near Sedona, Arizona, strange events mysteriously began in 1992. What does it portend for us all?

There is a wondrous place I wish to share with you. The encounters I have been privileged to experience there have taken me on a journey like none other. As in all life, some of these experiences have been a bit traumatic and others have taken me to glorious heights of which I’ve never known.

There have been a myriad of occurrences over the past two years, but I have chosen the most vivid of each type to share with you. These are not all that have occurred nor have the experiences stopped. Within this time frame, I compiled the following data and it is only now that I feel free to release it to the world.

This information is not intended to achieve any hidden agenda. It is only to inform those who wish to know. Perhaps it may appear a bit far-fetched to some, and for this, I will not apologize. This is merely truth, and I cannot change the flavor or color of an experience to suit another’s belief parameters. What is, is. To the best of my human ability I will share in exact detail all types of incidents that I have, to this point, experienced in relation to this fascinating area. These, I believe, are indicative of many things to come.

Join me on my journey. I share this with the fervent desire that each reader is inspired in a positive way.

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Narcissistic, Pseudo-"Spirituality"


This book is just the product of a narcissistic mind, pure pseudo-spiritual hogwash. This is so poorly written, so amateurish, the 'spirituality' so forced and fake, it's incredible to me that this was even published! After reading this, you'll say 'There's two hours I'll never get back'. The book makes much of 'orbs' appearing in photos, as if the orbs are departed spirits. It's well known that orbs in photos are caused by particulate matter (dust) in the air (search for "Orbs: Debunked" for more info). Also, any UFO's she saw were certainly military aircraft, since there are military bases in Arizona that test experimental aircraft.

I went to college with Linda Bradshaw, and she had some pretty kooky ideas then, but this is the worst. Linda started out as a nice, humble person, but over time she became more and more narcissistic and arrogant, to the point of putting me down and taking a very superior, condescending attitude, even laughing at me derisively (only true narcissists lacking empathy laugh AT others). Her ego inflated to ridiculous proportions after she told me she had suddenly realized she was 'beautiful' (in reality, she was average). The last time I saw her, I told her I was going to graduate school to become a psychologist; so when I told her about something that had made me sad, she laughed at me and said 'Ha ha, you couldn't cure yourself!' -- a stupid, false caricature that people become psychologists only to 'cure themselves', rather than to help others. The irony was lost on Linda, since she was the one who needed to 'cure' herself, of being an insensitive, unempathic narcissist.

I went on to get my graduate degree in psychology and now work for an agency serving the poor and disabled. I've always rooted for the underdog, and get real spiritual satisfaction from helping others, so I feel no need to 'cure' myself. Linda clearly continues to think she's 'special', like 'See, the aliens chose to contact me because I'm special!' Linda is not special, she's just another dime a dozen narcissist with delusions of grandeur, and this is her book of grandiose delusions. There's nothing spiritual about narcissism or egoistic 'Look at me, I'm special'-ism! Linda was a very good clarinet player in college, and could have gone on to play in a symphony. So sad that she chose instead to chase unicorns and ET's, what a wasted life! Makes me wonder how many of these people who claim to make "contact" with aliens are nothing more than narcissists with a similar need to feel they're 'special'.

I first read one of Tom Dongo's books in 2000.


I first read one of Tom Dongo's books in 2000. I was visiting a friend in Sedona, AZ, when I saw his book, Mysterious Sedona, on the shelf. I was a little interested in the ET/UFO subject at the time. I didn't expect to read anything special when I bought it, just the usual ET/UFO book. As soon as I started reading the book, I knew it wasn't your usual UFO book. I finished the book in about 2 days. Subsequently, I bought all of Tom Dongo's books, and overall, I thought Merging Dimensions was the best. Now I'm hooked on the subject. Tom Dongo delves deeper into the subject than most other contemporary authors writing on the subject. I would highly suggest this book to anyone even remotely interested in the subject of ET/UFO/Paranormal activity and research.