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Light: The Reason for Existence

Light: The Reason for Existence
Michaels, Jeff

"Think of yourselves as elements of light. When the darkness the world is experiencing is deep, imagine that you are the stars that guide others. The stars themselves do not ask for others to follow them. They do not seek to be worshipped. They do not call attention to themselves. They only shine in the dark in a natural way. You are beings of great light."

"Light, The Reason for Existence" is the fourth book of channeled wisdom from Onereon, offering guidance for personal peace through these times of unprecedented change.

Onereon states, "We begin each session with the words: As above, so below. We enjoy our times in discussion. We see you in ways that you cannot see yourselves. We see the purity that is around you, the holiness and the light of Source that shines from within you. You may only see the physical matter in which you exist. The matter is important, but it is not what matters."

"Sentient life about the planet consists of both spiritual and physical beings. We are all together in our journey. The journey is reaching a marker, but it is not over. Join with your spiritual companions and those of others as we seek, pursue, and strive for a complete vision of a future of love, joy, and peace."

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