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Kryon (Book 4): Parables of Kryon

Kryon (Book 4): Parables of Kryon
Carroll, Lee

This book includes simple stories that illustrate lessons relating to individual human beings. Kryon speaks of new gifts from God and good news for the future. The words of wisdom come alive with beautiful color paintings by Pax Nidorf.

Do you have unresolved anger at another? It's a trick of karma—and a lesson for you—for you also know of the energy it takes to keep it going, and the way it perpetuates itself seemingly without you. Isn't it time to release it?

Love is the greatest power of the universe. This love energy isn't just the thing that gives you peace and empowerment. Its energy is also responsible for your silence in the face of accusations, the wisdom and discernment to know that you helped plan everything around you. Strangely, this love is also responsible for the most unelightened things that you can imagine, for the source of your karmic setup is also love. Sometimes it may take on an odd face, such as hate and anger toward a family member, but love is the king of the plan, and it lurks waiting for you to discover it within the solution of your fear. It has substance and thickness. It has logic and reason. It is the essence of the universe, and it has been passed to you within the words of this story.

6.25 x 9.25
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