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The Explorer Race Series (Book 26):Phone Calls From The Future

Phone Calls From The Future
Shapiro, Robert

Future History & Ancient History from the People Who Were There

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The channel, Robert Shapiro, and the questioner live in different cities, so the channeling sessions are conducted over the telephone.

All the beings speaking through Robert in this book live now in the future in various times and places but have had lives on Earth or visited Earth during the times they speak about for this book.

Chapters Include

Part One: Future History

  • Mining on the Moon
  • Life on the Moon
  • Future from the Moon
  • Doc’s Identity
  • Life on the Moon
  • Water on the Moon
  • The Origins of the Moon
  • Stop Digging Toxic Matter on Earth and Live 700 Years
  • Children and Dogs on Mars

Part Two: Ancient History

  • Spirits of the Biloba Tree Created Yeti (Bigfoot) People
  • Protection from Earth’s Violence
  • Earth’s History of ET Visitations
  • Ancient Cultures Moved Stones through Love
  • Gobekli Tepe, Turkey — Ancient Pleiadian Healing and Manifestation Circles
  • Ancient People Rescued from Their Home Planet Share Stone-Working
  • Techniques Near Cusco, Peru
  • The Rescue
  • Dolmens: ET Gifts to Ensure Early Humans’ Survival
  • The Tower of Babel
  • Megalithic Standing Stones at Carnac
  • Nazca Lines: Creative Instinct
  • Teotihuacán: A Stimulating Invitation
6.0 x 9.0
Book Series: 
The Explorer Race Series
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