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Earth in Ascension

Earth in Ascension
Clark, Nancy Anne

This book is about the past, present, and future of planet Earth and the role humans will play in her progress. There were and are incomprehensible numbers of people who want to be here at this momentous time. Beings from infinite worlds are filling the skies to witness the event.

There is nothing that can stop Earth's incredible journey into the unknown. Of all those who asked to participate in the birthing of Gaia into the fifth dimension, you were chosen! And because you are among the first to awaken, you will be the future teachers and healers.

You are exemplifying the changes that are happening in relationships, careers, religion, and, most importantly, in the human race. Ally physical bodies are in the process of mutating. The world's population is transforming, after tens of thousands of years in a cocoonlike sleep state termed "hu-man," to emerge at last into the unimagined radiance of god-man and god-woman. You are becoming Christed!

6.0 x 9.0
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