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Auras 101: A Basic Study of Human Auras and the Techniques to See Them

Auras 101

Train your eyes to see. One of America’s foremost aura-sight instructors presents a remarkable book for seeing the aura. This book is explained in simple layman’s terms with easy-to-grasp explanations and instructions. It provides plenty of knowledgeable and useful material. Bain’s credentials include twenty-five years of aura study along with twelve years of leading successful workshops on developing aura awareness within individuals.
There are great illustrations and simple techniques. Included with the study booklet are five color symbols from the ancient mystery schools.

Chapters Include

  • Auras
  • How to See
  • Colors and Their Meanings
  • The Body Centers
  • Examples of Everyday Auras
  • Reading the Vibrations
  • The Symbols
4.25 x 5.5
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If you want to learn how to


If you want to learn how to accurately read and interpret auras, then this book is the one to choose. Mr. Bane details how to effectively see auras and their colors. He helps you understand what you are seeing and how to use that information. His experience and expertise is apparent in this book. A must for anyone wanting to understand auras.

It covers so many things


It covers so many things about auras; even the auras of plants and animals and learning to see spirit guides. It has some great experiments to explore. It never occurred to me that we hear and smell auras too.

Informative little book filled with lessons on focusing your eyes to see auras. I have been seeing auras for 20 years and this book is wonderful. Wish I had read it when I was learning about auras. Told in a simple way the novice can have results with these lessons.