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Spiritual Wealth and The Rich Life: - CD

Lewis, Pepper

The most important things in life are not things but ideas, but where do ideas come from? Do ideas about health or wealth come from the same place as ideas related to spiritual growth? Are there unique thoughts and actions that open doors to a richer life that we suspect is out there somewhere?

Gaia tells us that true prosperity, spiritual and otherwise, must have value and be relevant to life's most fundamental issues. Join Pepper and Gaia on a journey of channeled wisdom about how the web of life works and how to make it work for you.

Includes guidance on: How to be in time and in tune with new ideas Where the best ideas are and how to make them yours Self-correcting environments Getting and trusting accurate wisdom and guidance How to stop being ambushed by reality Refocusing and redirecting your priorities The art and science of electro-magnetism and How to multiply wealth.

A 3-CD Audio Presentation

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