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A New You: Starting a New Chapter in Life - CD

A New You: Starting A New Chapter in Life
Lewis, Pepper

New chapters begin with an inner knowledge that your time has come. Take a deep breath and know that this time is now. Your long-held vision of the life you have always wanted to live is currently unfolding in your favor. Don’t miss this opportunity to quicken its pace!

Who or what decides when it is time for a new chapter?
• Lasting change versus temporary change
• Developing early detection of messages and messengers
• Compassionate and responsible dissolution of activities and relationships that are no longer useful.

How to recognize, activate, and enhance positive change
• How to develop an ongoing intuitive sense of who you are and what you want
• Gentle preparation for change in the near future
• Using the soul/personality connection to balance your inner and outer worlds.

8-CD Audio Presentation

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