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Crystal Singer Activation - CD

Crystal Singer Activation
Tober, Jan

In the process of my thirty-five years of channeling and healing I have found sound, along with clear intent to be a major activator of our DNA/RNA and pineal gland. It is sound that is helping us to move into our quantum state of being with ease and grace!

One of the greatest secrets of the Tibetan Monks, as told to author, researcher, Gregg Braden during his so-journ in the Himalayas in the early 90's was "create the feeling with sound" and know your intent has already happened.

I have used very special bowls made by Crystal Tones. There are sixteen gemstone and mineral infused bowls - 14kt gold, emerald diamond, platinum, rose quarts, kyanite, citrine, white gold, etc. Play this CD as often as possible to help you relax, re-balance, energize and create magic.

60 minutes
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