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Ascension Codes - CD

Ascension Codes - CD
Kenyon, Tom

These are sound codes for ascension. Brought forward from the future by Tom Kenyon to assist you now in the process of raising your vibratory level, so that you might rise above the chaos and ascend to higher levels of being. They are sound ciphers. Gifts sourced from the Hathors, angels and beings from the light realms, all through Tom Kenyon’s amazing, almost four-octave voice. Every aspect of this production was overseen by beings whose goal is to help mankind in these times of shift. Stunning. Penetrating. Sheer magic! A transport vehicle into the luminous light realms of your own being.


Let us climb together to the top of the mountain where we can view the shining sea, and drink from the hidden spring that heals all wounds all sadness and all regret.

Let us join the Feast of the Great Mystery and the good-hearted laughter of our brothers and sisters who have journeyed here before us.

Let us partake of the Celestial Light that flows to all worlds, forever without end.

Let us tarry no further on the lower paths, but let us make the Ascent:

Where heart and mind are joined together.

Tom Kenyon

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