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Reflections on Ascension

Reflections on Ascension
Davenport, Anina

The Channeled Teachings of St. Francis

This book will assist you with your ascension process. These are glorious times indeed, and as you raise frequency and let go of the past, a new you is emerging. You are not alone in this process, and many intelligences, energies, and friends are supporting you and your purpose.

We are part of this support team, and as you reach new heights, so do we. We ascend just as you do to higher and higher frequencies and more glorious light.

Please join us in this adventure. Since you have free will, you control your part in this project. Sometimes it may seem that you have no choice in this endeavor, but you do. From the higher levels, you have all chosen to ascend.

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One of the features that I


One of the features that I most appreciate in Reflections on Ascension is its accessibility. Thanks to Anina's introduction and practical comments throughout, one can easily recommend this book to someone not familiar with, but open to the concept of Ascension. But perhaps my favorite feature of the book is the light-hearted wit shown by St. Francis and Anina. No doom. No gloom. That we can learn and grow through joy and humor is such a Blessed message. Thank you St. Francis and Anina?”