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The Only Planet of Choice

The Only Planet of Choice

This edition clarifies 2012 prophecies.

This document challenges orthodox beliefs with such questions as:

  • Who were the original inhabitants of planet Earth?
  • What and where is heaven?
  • What are the origins of different religious beliefs and why do they divide us?
  • What is the significance of the Jews, the Tibetans, and the dolphins?
  • Did Atlantis really exist?
  • What do extraterrestrials look like?
  • Why are they interested in us?
  • Are they good?
  • What about racism, overpopulation, greed, the abuse of power, free will, sexism, death, and disease?

This updated edition exposes the truth about the prophecies of the year 2012 and is the culmination of over forty years of work by a distinguished international research group. This is the first book to deal with the research in detail. Members from Austria, Britain, Germany, Israel, and the United States have been communicating through Phyllis V. Schlemmer and with an enlightened circle of universal beings know as the Nine.

The book elaborates on:

  • The special role that Earth plays in the universe.
  • The functions and responsibilities of the universal hierarchy.
  • The cause and resolution of these present critical times.
  • What we can do to enrich and fulfill our own and others' lives?

The Only Planet of Choice is not fiction, but a series of dialogues with beings who are infinitely our superiors in awareness. They have had a long and direct involvement with humanity's evolution. References to nine great universal beings recur in our myths and legends. They are the Nine whose most recent communications with Earth began in the 1950s.

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Enlightened beings also make mistakes


This has been one of the most influential books I have ever read, no doubt about it, and lately, as I have matured into my 40's I have begun to realize certain things that never occurred to me before.

This book talks a lot about alien cultures and civilizations and the role they have played in the seeding of this planet and the development of humankind. Put simply, things did not turn out here the way they had planned - not at all. They've been trying o correct their mistakes for thousands of years with no success. They have seriously underestimated the effects such a physical existence has on a soul and the result of this is that their plan for planet Earth is in tatters. One of their bigger mistakes was to bring a warrior-like people to this planet. The hope was that these warriors, being stronger and imbued with a higher level of tenacity, would be better able to withstand the effects of such a dense physical sphere of existence, that they would become shining leaders of humanity and help us all to rise into the light but that plan has backfired drastically.

Instead what has happened is that the warrior race itself succumbed, became lost to the grip of darkness, became disobedient, obstinate and paranoid and the result has been war on planet Earth the likes of which it had never seen before.

When I read this book now I look at it as a kind of inter-planetary politics where diplomacy is the order of the day. These aliens are still trying their best to control the situation here, to correct their mistakes but they are failing consistently and it is us, those who live and breathe here, who are suffering because of it. It is us who must dig the ruined bodies of our children out of the rubble of bombed buildings - not them. They also admit that not all of them have compassion. They can scientifically prove that there is life after death so killing doesn't mean as much to them as it does to us. We are human - they are not. Even if we could scientifically prove there is life after death ..... killing still would not be ok. Humans would still suffer, even if it were a case of digging a ruined body out a building that collapsed due to earthquake. We will still miss out loved ones when they are gone and we will still be traumatized having to dig around for the other pieces of a body. This is what it is to be human. We experience our world much more intensely than most of these other alien cultures do and, to be frank, they have no right to keep interfering in what we do here. This is our planet. Yes, they may have seeded it but that was aeons ago and we are here now - not them. This is our life and I think we will do well in the future to decide what best for ourselves. To think that we cannot be as enlightened as these other cultures, that they would know what is best for us, is a fallacy. The fact that they are enlightened has not stopped them from making mistakes in the past and has not helped them to rectify their mistakes in all the time since they were made. If we are enlightened then we will keep this in mind while we are deciding what is good and what is bad for this planet and not just be willy-nilly accepting what these entities suggest as being some sort of gospel.

A good book. Well worth reading.