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Kryon (Book 7): Letters From Home

Kryon (Book 7): Letters From Home
Carroll, Lee

Loving Messages From the Family

This book is the last Kryon work before the new millennium. Wow! Are you aware of the marketing related to the upcoming change? “They” are talking about everything from the end of the world to the end of technology to the end of the end—you name it! The entire subject of this book is change! I almost called it “Becoming Spiritually Y2K Compliant,” but decided not to (aren’t you glad?). Here is what is in this book:

Chapter one is very special. First, it’s a short message from me (just seven pages) about what the new age is. Do you have any friends who are worried about you, wondering if you have gone off the deep end? Ask them to read the first seven pages in the next chapter. It won’t hurt them, and it doesn’t evangelize the new age. It’s just an explanation to help them understand who we are.

Next, did you ever wonder what Kryon’s message is with respect to religion? Here it is. It might surprise you. The channeling is called “The Integrity of God.” It’s a plea to use spiritual logic to see the difference between what belongs to God and what belongs to Human Beings.

Chapter two contains the five-part series of channelings called “Letters from Home,” which is what this book is named for. They not only explain who we are but part five explains the big picture. Very lovingly, Kryon gives us the channeling called “The Meaning of Life.”

Chapter three is the power chapter. It speaks of transition. Not that all of them don’t, but here are some specific subjects that will really hit home. Chapter four is about the Earth. Can it really have consciousness? What did the indigenous people know that we can learn for the coming millennium? What is “shadow termination” and the "crystalline grid?”

Chapter five is the story of the 1998 United Nations channeling. Hold on to your socks! This one is perhaps one of the shortest, yet most potent, of any Kryon channeling ever given—and Kryon elected to give it in front of United Nations delegates. Chapter six is tough. Here are some issues that some people would rather not hear about. Not only does it contain a channeling about some of the things that may be difficult for us but also a testimonial from an individual who has lived it. I wanted you to have a balance regarding these issues—from both sides of the veil.

Chapter seven is the science chapter for this book. We have a very special Kryon validation regarding nuclear waste, and after that, there are two very profound physics channelings regarding the energy of the universe called “The Cosmic Lattice.” Chapter eight is an interview with an Israeli magazine called Haim Acherim (Different Life).

Chapter nine is a section originally presented in Kryon Book Six. This format represents direct Kryon answers to the most-asked questions that we have received through the mail and at seminars since the last Kryon book. Chapter ten is a compilation of some of the Kryon News, ways to get online with us, and a very special report regarding the miracle of Kryon online.

Thanks again for reading this. As you read what follows, I hope you will be able to feel some of the “love wash” that I felt as I sat before precious family members in many cities around the world when Kryon delivered those now-famous words:

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service . . .
—Lee Carroll

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