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Kryon (Book 6): Partnering With God

Kryon (Book 6): Partnering With God
Carroll, Lee

Practical Information for the New Millennium

This book is about partnering with God. Can there ever be a grander goal? Chapter one prepares us with a message that Kryon gave in two parts in two different cities, both in Canada. The Sit in the Chair series must be understood before anything else. It is the cornerstone of the entire partnering concept and therefore is first in the book. Later on in subsequent channels, Kryon may give the expression Sit in the Chair. You will understand what it means.

Chapter two gets into the partnering concept and begins a practical “how to” of what is now available. Chapter three is the hands-on chapter, using explanations of real-world situations and practical answers. The last channel from Australia is one of my favorites.

Chapter four speaks about human biology, and chapter five is the next installment on that very popular subject, Ascension. It is called Ascension II, since there have been other chapters in earlier books and tapes that gave preliminary information. You will find this chapter very grounded and clear for such an elevated subject.

Chapter six is the full story and transcript of both channelings given by invitation at the United Nations in November of 1995 and 1996. Chapter seven is all about my experience and what Kryon has to say regarding the new Indigo children. Again, it’s practical information with a report on how to deal with these children and what to look for.

Chapter eight contains my favorite parable of the past two years, and a discussion of intent and cocreation—two very powerful attributes of the new age.

Chapter nine is the lengthiest. It represents direct Kryon answers to the most-asked questions that we have received through the mail and at seminars, even some controversial ones.

Chapter ten features scientific validation regarding some of the past Kryon channelings, and additional good scientific information on what is happening right now. There is also a brief discussion of Carl Sagan’s book The Demon-Haunted World.

Enjoy this sixth Kryon book! It was written for you. It is no accident that finds you reading these words. Relax and enjoy a loving voice from home!

—Lee Carroll

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I really liked this book. It really connected with me.


I really liked this book. It really connected with me. I find no hidden agendas in this work, just straight forward, practical knowledge on how things work. When reading material in this category I like to check in with myself and see if it resonates with my body. Much of this book as well as Kryons other books do too. I recommend this and the other Kryon books for those on the quest for knowledge.