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Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge

Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge

What had Dr. Steven Greer personally experienced—from childhood onward—that gave him the knowledge of cosmic cultures, cosmic consciousness, and a glimpse of the wondrous future that awaits humanity? What are the new energy and propulsion technologies that can give us a new world, free of pollution, poverty, and conflict? What is the nexus where mind, space, time, and matter all come together—and how might this be used technologically by an advanced civilization?

What does the blueprint of the next 500,000 years of human civilization on Earth look like—and how can we transition to that time? What did Dr. Greer find—and experience—as he met with heads of state, CIA officials, billionaires, and covert operatives who in turn are desperate to maintain the secrecy and yet pray for relief from the black box they have nailed shut around them? Who has been keeping this hidden truth and forbidden knowledge secret—and most importantly, why?

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