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Mid-Life Spirituality - CD

Lewis, Pepper

Most of us have been on our spiritual path for quite some time.We have done our best to uphold higher truths, lived with integrity, and assisted others in doing the same.

While we know there is no special prize for this, it still somehow seems that we should know more, have more or be more by now. But we are not at the end of our journey, only at the mid-point. Many of the decisions we are about to make as we reach spiritual maturity may be the most important ones in our life.

If you feel a little stuck or a little tired just now, this seminar is for you. With Gaia''s help, this is a great time to review decisions and directions so that you will have the clarity when you need it most.

Other topics explored in this audio download:

  • Spiritual Maturity in an adolescent world -- overcoming influences
  • Helping ourselves and others through this and other thresholds
  • Choices and Changes -- how to better direct, limit or encourage the things we care about most
  • A special role for teachers, healers and devoted seekers

A 3-CD Audio Presentation

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